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Earn Free Accountancy – it’s Easy!

Every time you refer a friend or colleague to Bluebird Accountancy, you will be entitled to 10% off your accountancy fees*. This means that if you refer 10 friends and colleagues to our accountancy service, you will be able to benefit from free accountancy whilst they’re all live clients of ours!

Our latest referral promotion doesn’t stop at free accountancy. If for example you refer 12 friends and colleagues to us and they’re all live, not only will your accountancy be free, you’ll also be entitled to cash rewards!

As a thank you for referring your friends and family to us, your discount will be applied instantly onto your next month’s fee.

Referring a contractor to Bluebird Accountancy is easy! Simply complete the short registration form on this page or give our friendly team a call on 0808 301 2389.

* Terms and conditions apply and can be found here.

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