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To help you get in the World Cup spirit, the Bluebird Accountancy Marketing Team has created a 2018 World Cup Sweepstake kit for you to download and have fun with your friends and colleagues. The sweepstake kit is free and ready to download immediately.


Bluebird Accountancy 2018 World Cup Sweepstake Kit Screenshot

Please feel free to pass this sweepstake kit to your friends and colleagues. Did you know that the Bluebird Accountancy Marketing Team has also created a thorough and free to download 2018 World Cup Wall Chart?

Who are the best teams to pull out of the hat?

There will be 32 countries battling it out in Russia to try and become the 2018 World Champions, but who are the most likely teams to lift the trophy?

According to UK bookmakers, the nations who are expected to do well in this year’s knockout tournament are:

Germany – 9/2

Brazil – 4/1

France – 13/2

Spain – 6/1

Argentina – 9/1

Belgium – 11/1

England – 18/1

Portugal – 25/1

It may be in your best interest to try and avoid picking Panama and Saudi Arabia. Both of these countries are available at 2000/1 to lift the famous trophy so you are unlikely to win the sweepstake with these nations.

Who is Bluebird Accountancy?

Bluebird Accountancy is a family run online accountancy service that has been created specifically for freelancers and contractors in the United Kingdom. By combining traditional accountancy with state of the art online software, our service provides freelancers and contractors with a comprehensive service that will help them legally maximise their take home pay whilst operating in full compliance with HMRC legislation.

Our all-inclusive package is only £95 + VAT per month and includes all of the essential tools for freelancers and contractors need to manage their bookkeeping and accountancy.

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